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EvenLift® Long Stroke Pumping Unit
BlackGold EvenLift® long stroke pumping unit is motor driven, switching the direction through drive system using the gear reducer and chains, and driving the saddle and sucker rods to move up and down to suck oil.
- Double chain design to improve stress conditions to prevent chain failure
- Low speed and Long stroke creates low maintenance and increases life
- Mechanic weight balance system saves 30% energy and prevents lean
- Infinite variable speed assists in easily adjusting the production
- Automatic self-protection system ensures long-term works safely
- Vertical, Stable, Easy to install and All-weather high performance design
Advantages vs. competition
1. Symmetrical stress structures, wear less
Damaged center roller and worn out guide
Worn out guide
Our answer-Guide welded in a new way
2. Mechanical weight balance system to prevent lean
3. Safely moving the units when workover
Technical Specifications

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