Permanent Magnet Motor Droved

Long Stroke Pumping Unit


Stroke: 12 to 33 feet, Load: 11200 to 67400 Lbs, SPM: 0.1 to 4, Power: 20 to 120HP

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A loading belt and a roller are the sole transmission components. Creatively, elastic deformation of the loading belt and the friction between belt and roller vastly reduces the effect of reversing the direction of rotation resulting in extended service life of the belt to greater than ten years.

•        Smart Control:

With the integrated PLC and RTU, IntelliFlexฎ can be controlled remotely via the internet allowing for operational parameters to be detected, analyzed, and modified.

Easy to maintain, low rate of failure. Electric pulley only replace the lubricating oil every six months. Electrical control system has the function of self-diagnosis and display for fault. The conveyor belt has high strength, aging-resistance and working life up to ten years.

Convenient to relocation when working and to align wellhead. With using the lifting and relocation mechanism which is a self-developed patent, the machine can rises walking wheels with the special wrench and make the pumping unit walk back and forth by driving walking wheels to remove or replace the wellhead when working. It can adjust the pumping unit around by driving the lifting and walking mechanism to locate the polished rod in the center of wellhead when the polished rod and sealer are not concentric.

The pumping unit not only applies to the conventional pumping, but also especially deep pumping with small pump and viscous oil production, so then the unit is a kind of ideal equipment for lifting oil extraction.

Working environment that the pumping unit applies to: -50 ~ 50 in cold areas,-35 ~ + 60 in temperate regions.


With topping the roller, having counterweight built-in, and power loss brake/protection, we ensure safe design is a priority. A built-in safety system continuously monitors any overload, load-loss, phase failure, or power-off. Operational parameters can be modified either via an interactive panel inside the control cabinet or remotely via the internet.


With specially designed AC VFD control technology, the operating motor can dynamically output power to match the load requirements providing continuous energy savings. The short drive chain and adjustable symmetrical balance further contributes to energy savings. A minimum mechanical efficiency of 85% and minimum system efficiency of 34% is the result.

High Mechanical Efficiency

Energy Consumption



1341 units installed up to June 2017