Rodless Reciprocating Oil Submerged Electric Pump


Rodless reciprocating oil submerged electric pump is a new type of revolutionary oil recovery equipment, this product shall be submerged into oil fluid through underground casing pipe, rotor of linear motor shall drive the push rod of plunger oil-well pump, the oil fluid in the pump cavity of oil-well pump is lifted to ground surface by pulse means, lifting oil recovery is realized, and the mode of oil recovery by balance beam pumping unit which has been utilized for hundred years is thoroughly changed.


Advantage of the product:

The greatest feature of this product is having thoroughly solved

the problem of eccentric wear of pipe rod that was never overcome

by oilfield: sucker rod is not used, therefore, there is no phenomenon

of eccentric wear of pipe rod, the interval between pump checking is

prolonged, the time of maintenance operation is reduced, the fluid

producing quantity is increased and the cost of oil recovery is decreased.


Energy-saving and high efficiency

With its intermittent working characteristics, it only consumes

electricity at the time of working, and about 50% of electric power can

be economized on the average. The rotor of motor directly drives the

push rod of plunger pump, there is no loss of stroke and pump efficiency,

therefore, the pump efficiency can attain 60%---90%.


High tech

Various criteria of manufacture technique for existing product are

all more than two-fold of the existing downhole pump criteria, the

maintenance-free period of the product is 13 years, and that has

reached advanced level of technique in the oil recovery industry worldwide.


Steel Saving

The weight of Model 12 balance beam pumping unit are 66,000 lbs, the sucker rods are 13,000 lbs for 6000 ft well. Total steel weight are 79,000 lbs. But the weight of this product is only 2,200 lbs. We save more that 70,000 lbs steel for one well.


Environmental Friendly

Rodless reciprocating submerged electric pump shall be submerged the down hole, there is no phenomenon that destroys environmental protection on the ground surface, such as oil leakage at the packing of sucker rod, etc., the requirements of environmental protection is attained, and the issue of environmental protecting oil recovery at shallow sea, river and stream shore is solved.






Wide Applications

It applies to existing oil wells: straight well, deflecting well, high-angle well, horizontal well, deep well, oil well with low permeability and small displacement, since no oil leaks at the well head, environmental protecting oil recovery can be realized for oil well at shallow sea, river and stream shore, it specially applies to low yield oil well, and the cost of oil recovery is reduced obviously. In addition, it can realize secondary development of abandoned oil well with low cost, so as to provide new solution for underground petroleum production.


Application circumstance:

Hundreds of this product have been batch used in Daqing, Jilin, Liaohe, Dagang, Shengli, Henan, Changqing,Yanchang and Huabei Oilfields of China, the maximum maintenance-free operation time has reached over 800 days, and it has been approved by most oilfields; three giant state-owned petroleum companies, including CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC, are highly recommending this product.


Application examples:


Contrast of data before and after use at 3# test well of Daqing No. 8 Oil Recovery Plant

Test 3#

Pumping depth (ft)

Working fluid level (ft)

Daily produced fluid (pounds)

Pump efficiency (%)

Daily consumption of electricity(HP-hr)

System efficiency (%)

Before test







After test








This new type of oil recovery equipment was developed in 2005 -- rodless reciprocating oil submerged electric pump. Through five years of R&D----trial-production----small batch trying out----trying out at multiple oilfields, tracts and oil wells, R&D team of the company has improved the technology and perfected the technique, and the product has entered status of mass production.


Intellectual property right:

This product is patented in China, Europe-Asia patent region, Australia, Canada and Algeria, and the patent is pending in USA, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, EU patent region and Central Asia patent region are to be ratified. Multiple proprietary technologies are used in the manufacture process of this product, multiple items of existing technical standards are broken through, and the imitation possibility is very low.